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Hello Darlings,
I’m Stephanie Alfaia. Thank you for stopping by!

A little bit about me?
I’m an avid dreamer and occasional optimist who wanders the globe in search of lessons, connections and stories to tell. My writing is inspired by moments, seconds that can be euphoric, dark, passionate, melancholic… well, you get the idea. I wouldn’t classify any one piece as fiction or non-fiction because reality tends to blur with our deepest desires and imagination. You’ll find themes that are pulled from Greek mythology (my favorite!) and Irish struggle and Shakespearean heartbreak. I am very much in love with my literary heroes and tend to relive them through people I experience every day.

Dear reader, my goal is to take you on a mercurial journey and challenge you to feel every emotion the universe created! I live intensely, love unconditionally, and think metaphorically. I hope you enjoy the few fragmented thoughts that I magnify into full reflections!