Home Poetry Detox


by Stephanie Alfaia

Yesterday was poured into the blender
nostalgia like ripe strawberries in a green shake
sweetness lifts the spirit but sugar
stalls the body from absorbing nutrients.
I lift my memories to my lips and gulp,
my veins retain lessons,
the unnecessary passes through me to be disposed.
I feel healthier,
strength flowing behind my eyes.
You call it kale, I call it detox.

My spine keeps my skull in place
head held high fighting gravity and circumstance.
My left foot steps first.
I was taught trees that line roads less traveled
grow larger fruits.
At times, I am too hungry to explore,
too tired to be curious,
too afraid of the unknown,
and fill my belly with sweet berries
plucked from the short cut built by the man.

I am ready to return, but not to him
not to the invisible hand who signs my name
under a false sense of freedom
measured by currency.

Water splashes into my hands
rinsing blackberry stains from my fingertips.
Dreams he fed me when I was famished, washed
down the drain
You see, planning for tomorrow is like gripping
wet soap
the harder you grip the faster it slips away.
Today, the mirror was challenged with capturing
a face filled with contradiction into a single expression.
So it said: “I’ll brain wash you into believing in yourself.”
“Today I will,” replied a smile.

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