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by Stephanie Alfaia

Now a quarter century.
Now what?
Now freedom is not wearing a bra.
Now time flies.
Now tell me the truth.
Now this is not what I imagined.
Now my jeans don’t fit.
Now weekends are all we have to lose our sanity and stay sane.
Now an apartment, a joint account and ambition.
Now or never.
Now I can be myself.
Now don’t make me throw the Oxy’s away.
Now my parents always take your side.
Now I can afford it.
Now we could be here forever.
Now words pour out of your mouth soundless.
Now Macallan on the rocks during happy hour.
Now the table is warm Brie, fig marmalade and pot brownies.
Now this existential crisis.
Now I promise I’ll do better next time.
Now you don’t pay my bills so don’t tell me what to do.
Now I should have but I didn’t.
Now they said I’m an adult.
Now cooking feeds maternal instincts.
Now sex is just sex.
Now we’re in Chicago.
Now where’d you go?
Now there’s wingless butterflies floating in my belly.

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