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Spell your name for me

by Stephanie Alfaia

Honeyed pineapple, sweet cherries,
orange peels and cold beer
The smell of your sweat trickles down
over my breasts like rainfall on lily pads.
Starving lips find each other before every thrust,
your energy pours into my center –
“so warm…” you whisper in the dark.
Those green eyes tear into pitch-black
piercing into my bones…

Did you see it?
Did you see the universe collapse and mean again?
Did you hear it?
The sound of two souls rip and mend,
rip and mend.
Did you touch it?
Auras colored yellow and green blending in unison
Did you feel it?

Remind me again, M
Spell your name for me
so that I might trace our shadows
in this alternate universe.
You see,
we are swimming in cool waters
glowing under the sun’s beaming smile
in this day dream of mine.


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