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The Mirage

by Stephanie Alfaia

Glazed eyes in a Brooklyn oasis
your cold fingertips brushed lightly across
the warm skin above the rim of my jeans,
right where my hips swayed from side to side,
pressed softly against your desire;
moving to the sound of our own music,
erasing every heartbeat that surrounded
the mirage we were swimming in.

I blinked to remind myself you might be an illusion
a deliciously addictive moment, no more.
Yet when my eyelashes fluttered open
I caught a glimpse of the smile
that refused to wash off your lips,
bathing in mine instead,
unafraid to journey deep into utopia –
a chimera brewing in hopes the night would not end.

I said yes, darling, because
you make me want to look up at the stars
and get drunk on the sense of infinity.


© Magnified Reflections 2013
all rights reserved

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