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On Straightforward Talk

by Stephanie Alfaia

When I speak I am not afraid
my eyes have spoken instead of my lips.
I am not afraid to speak as if
the stars will drown in darkness
without that light swelling in your chest –
shining Geminian energy into Aquarian waters.
You see,
energy blurs less important things
like details… like facts.
I blame energy for lifting words
felt deep in my belly up through my dry throat
quenching a thirst for those sea green orbs
begging them to refrain from blinking.
Energy that freezes time in a moment,
an illusion we prefer to trust, for we know
time cannot be stopped.
And so time is also to blame.
Impatiently ticking, terrifying my lips,
reminding them they may never taste honeysuckle
under the shadow of your woven panama hat
less words act quickly.
How I’d like to live under that shadow
pretending energy is far more powerful than a night
ticking away before our smiling faces.
Ah, tick away,
for I am not afraid to speak if it feeds possibility.
I will let words grasp the air between us
however straightforward.
I will let letters combine and slip from my tongue,
in a language I thought belonged to the courageous,
because energy and time feed even the shiest butterfly.
And so I spoke:
Your aura, painted green-yellow, speaks to mine
and I see the entire universe in your eyes.
My name is Sophie, be sure to remember,
for your lips will find mine before we are out of time.”


© Magnified Reflections 2013
all rights reserved

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