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Cashmere Sweater

by Stephanie Alfaia

Goat’s wool painted navy blue
brushing to and fro against soft caramel skin.
Why wear his cashmere sweater
when you know he’s not coming back?
I’m not trying to save you,
I’m crying for you,
watching you flinch
when when your back pocket vibrates –
eyes scribbling from legible excitement
to a look most of us actually do understand –
A round cemented tunnel
over your eyelids,
when you realize it’ll never be him.
Deep, dark and never ending.
Nothingness Road, some say,
peering into a future you refuse to accept.

I can’t help but grip my seat and lean into you,
fighting to keep my voice in my chest.
But darling, I just want to know
who’s taking care of you today.
If you let me,
I’ll peel away that stained fiber
and cover you instead with hope.
I’ll wipe away all traces of what
dulls your smile.
Let me face Hades
Let me barter my own happiness
to live for a moment, a second even
under that smile that floats
above even the roughest waters


© Magnified Reflections 2013
all rights reserved

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