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When there’s nothing wrong, create it

by Stephanie Alfaia

With every passing hour
I come to realize that I am not
looking to involve myself
with men of the moment
give myself to those
who are not willing, who are not
ready to give back.
To think of him,
whose days are filled with her,
another and a third.
I no longer wish to wonder,
he who cannot be attained.
I want more
I had more
and I walked away out of fear
convinced the equation of
you + me
needed something else
+ spark
+ lust
more clothes ripping, stripping
apart my soul.
But here I am feeling this emptiness
in my stomach
where butterflies once roamed at the
sound of Vacationer
where love once replaced food
Your love fed me
it held me
completing and complementing
but I needed to be sure it was everything
with no room for may-be


© Magnified Reflections 2013
all rights reserved

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