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I wasn’t flirting, but now I am

by Stephanie Alfaia

She caught me writing
silly lines,
lines that mirror the wrinkles
on my knees.
Lines you won’t know
until you succumb to my insinuation and
give in to me.
Would you like to learn how they got there?
unfold your hands,
I was not flirting, but now I am.
Trace me here,
right above the left shin that is barely touching
your right thigh.
Low enough to avert their inquisitions,
high enough to light the blood red
in your eyes
a middle ground for our alternate universe.
Close your eyes and the sun will not rise
close your eyes and you will only see
a white sofa, your fingertips and me.
Remember to breathe deeply and slowly
as your fingers move up
past the history buried in my skin
up into our universe
and stop
Do not flinch when I sigh.


© Magnified Reflections 2013
all rights reserved


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