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First Day of Summer

by Stephanie Alfaia

This summer breeze has me feeling
Like a million dollar bill
This cigarette found its way into my mouth
And I’m sliding, trying
To keep smiling

Kiss me with your eyelashes
Hold my fingertips, let my palm fly
Nothing can kill my high
If I’m walking closely
By your side

Don’t kill my buzz
With talks of real life
Of obstacles we can already find
Dropping like flies
Onto the path we’re skating through

It’s been a while
Since we cut loose
Let’s step out of this dark room
What’s the point if we can’t feel
The sun rays down our ruse?

We’ve got so far to go
If we decide to go, move
Blink this warm breeze my
Aura is vibin’, vibin’ just for you

I’m skippin’
But I’m trying’
To keep on


© Magnified Reflections 2013
all rights reserved

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