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Chaotic Perceptions

by Stephanie Alfaia

Life isn’t about what happens
It’s about how you respond.
Chaos isn’t about chaos
It’s the effect that stirs.
Perception is pliable, angular.
Go on, shed your chaotic perceptions.

Under your skin,
Let me in.
If you listen closely,
You can hear the Pacific Ocean
Right here on this East Coast city street.
Why venture west for sunsets?
Close your eyes and open them.
You’ll never see a sunrise
Like this one here.

Time is as irreversible
And it is irrelevant.
Do not speak to me of time,
It rings as cowardice in my ears.
Let me hear instead the sound of you saying,

You have done it
Left me craving and dazing.
Wrap your hands around my cheeks again,
Lift my face to the sky.
I promise I won’t look away
This time.


© Magnified Reflections 2013
all rights reserved

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