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Imperfect. But don’t step back

by Stephanie Alfaia

The imperfect astonishes and lures.

She is everything
All at once
And all too much for a brittle soul.
But she is not a broken toy to be fixed.
Not a doll to be played with.
Do not try to decipher the maze
Or the riddles in
The words that tend to
Spew mid laughter…
You know they don’t ring true.
Yet I pray you’ll trust.
Trust that she is afraid
As afraid as you are.
Trust that she is as curious
As intrigued
As excited

Do not step back,
I promise you will
to the vibrations
That radiate from her
Ocasional optimism.
Do not
Step back,
I promise the
Enigma of her words
will fall into place
Honey. so soon.
Step back
Or she will break


© Magnified Reflections 2013
all rights reserved

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