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by Stephanie Alfaia

I see the entire universe
When I look in her eyes:
Planets we are yet to discover,
Animals that have crawled the earth before us,
Love found and love lost,
I see life and death,
A glass half full,
Trees blooming, turning yellow, red
Before peeling away leaf by leaf.
That is my Edie,
Timeless, entertaining, brilliant and daring.
A depth I was not ready to experience.
Colors, emotions, I was not ready to face.
I look in her deep brown eyes and
See my plan crumble…
Everything in this universe I was certain of
Becomes opaque, gray, purposeless.
Her determined spirit shows me a different way,
The path to true freedom,
The delicious pleasure of the moment.
Rather than face the stars, I drag
Clouds around me
Creating the perfect storm to keep
Her away.
Those eyes cannot find me here.
I am safe from myself,
From the inevitable happiness
I am unprepared for.


© Magnified Reflections 2013
all rights reserved

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