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Melodic Dreams in Laughter

by Stephanie Alfaia

Run to my side and bury your face
Underneath my pillow,
Breathe softly before you lift the edge
To peek into my curiosity.
If life has taught me anything,
It’s all about the little things.
Little, subtle, light laughter?
No, darling the sound that springs
From your chest is like
The sound of thunder on a sunny day,
Waves rippling through a glacial lake…
Fascinating and mystical
And filled with warmth.
Your aura colored rich orange
Turning mine a spring yellow
I haven’t seen in years.
You stop to catch your breath
But I have already lost myself in your stories
Laughing so hard my voice disappears
Into the air to mingle with yours.
And then there was a kiss.
You have this way of sending me out
Far, up into the stars
Then bringing me back to earth.
“I never want to stop kissing you.”
“So don’t.”


© Magnified Reflections 2013
all rights reserved

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