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A Fight Worth Losing

by Stephanie Alfaia

Is the soul hard like iron
Or is it flexible like the wings of this butterfly
fluttering in my stomach?
Is its shape molded, set in stone
Or does it transform as a tadpole who
Suddenly leaps into adulthood?
Does the soul understand?
Does it feel?
Does it see?
Does it love?

Curious and uncertain
I cross the street and go up your doorstep
Eager to look again – to lose myself again
In your eyes.
The window to a piece of me
I have been searching for.
A piece to my eternal puzzle.

After investing so many years
Understanding each strand of hair on my head
I can recognize the pores on you
That are missing from my skin.
My hand craves being interlaced in yours.
I have known the taste on your lower lip before.
Your eyes tell stories, a history we have shared
In an alternate universe.
Which is why I look away.
Which is why I enter a trance every time you face me.
I forget where I am, your name and who I am…
My mind blanks.
The blood in my veins begin to rush
Here and there,
Agitating every inch of my body
And I can hardly
Frankly words do pour out of my mouth –
Words I don’t mean or recognize.
A product of my soul
Swimming closer to yours.
All I can think of is how much I want to
Revel in your presence
Sitting quietly by your side
As the two people in front of us sip their rose.
All I can think of is how much I want your
Mouth on mine
Your breath on my neck
Your piercing stare into my hungry brown
Sealing a moment
As we climax and reach the finale of our night.

And although it has been days
And we have covered every inch of why
We will keep away, and
Keep moving forward
I catch myself yelling, screaming at the sky
Howling coming from the deepest corners
Of what lies within the cavity of my center:
Why am I fighting it?
Why are you fighting it?


© Magnified Reflections 2013
all rights reserved

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