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Come With Me

by Stephanie Alfaia

Put your arms around me baby,
Dance a little weirder tonight.
You’ve got me hostage…
To the scent of your skin
On mine.
Day-dreaming of our feet in the sand
Lips locked as the band
Sets up another tune.
The uplifting rhythm of Mr. Jones
Drifting into the gravity that
Has us desperately holding onto each other.
My arms settled softly on your shoulder,
Fingers interlaced on the back of your neck,
Making the hairs on my arms lift
While you fidget between two-stepping
And fighting to keep from letting go
Of my waist.
And we laugh.
In this day-dream of mine
I laugh so hard tears stream down my cheeks
Your eyes refusing to peel away.
My eyes closed, safe
From all the answers written in the stars.
The full moon swimming above
The beach town lights,
Santeria now in full swing.
We stop to sip a cold IPA
And you say,
“Baby, I wish I had a deluminator –”
“Did you just Harry Potter me?”
I interrupt, falling into the forbidden abyss…
You flash my favorite smile,
“I’d like to turn off all the lights and swim
Under the stars with you”
I blush.
“See this atlas on my wrist? Come with me.”


© Magnified Reflections 2013
all rights reserved

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