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Shakespeare, Your Romeo is Mine

by Stephanie Alfaia

All these moments might just find their way
Into my dreams tonight.
Under the moonlight
I tossed and turned and felt warm lying beside you after
Hours of shying away from your green-eyed stare;
Your touch,
Your smile, blinding, but I would not dare
Miss a second of the half-moon painted on your lips.

I’ll name you Romeo.
Untamed curls, sun streaked golden brown,
Cascading across your brows…
Brushing against your forehead here and there
When you laugh wholeheartedly.
Again that smile,
Again that stare
Reflecting the universe.

I walked beside your Romeo today –
Ecstasy spewing from my pores
Watching his eyes glaze over in nostalgia
Praying our hands would meet. Learning to pray…
Some days I would like to relive forever
But right now I want nothing more than to be lost in
In his intoxicating gaze.

And Mercutio would toss in his grave
If he heard me compare
(While we laid there)
The tragedy of two star-crossed lovers
To the world of casual we live in today
Casual, you say?
But the way you held on to my breast
Speaks leagues, but hush now – I’m intrigued.

Alas, William
You have created a hopeless romantic
In a girl whose heart was raised cold
You have left me to swoon over love-lust prose
But you are yet to write About Time
Imperfect timing that will not stand against
Two souls, exchanging Potter roles
A story that does not have to be doomed tragedy.

When retold in Romeo’s tongue,
Our night will surely be colored black and white.
But I prefer my version of the truth:
Whimsical, enchanting – a true alternate universe
Where he is mine, Shakespeare.
And not yours.


© Magnified Reflections 2013
all rights reserved

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