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Casper Posters in the Q Train

by Stephanie Alfaia

What is love in crowded places?
Bags, headphones, tears streaming down a child’s face
The train, determined, continues moving… forward
Pushing and shoving our way through the nearest door,
You’re not lucky today
Seats are for the lucky.
Fingertips find a corner pole near an exit
Today is going to be a good day
Naturally glancing between smiles and frowns,
He looks up from his book –
A title a near-sighted girl could never decipher
Big green eyes above the most perfect nose
Curiosity and kindness
Caught a glimpse of her brown nostalgic iris
And the world paused for three seconds
Short and eternal
Tulum green drowning deep chocolate
And so she decided to read every subway poster around him
And here they remained
Glancing and shying away
Surely imaging how much longer they had together
Surely imaging what to say
Who should say.
Brown and green searching for words
None to be found
The train completely sound
Until Fulton Street arrives
And they desperately say their goodbyes
With their green and brown eyes


© Magnified Reflections 2013
all rights reserved

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