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Dream Catcher

by Stephanie Alfaia

I would like to be
The breeze that fills your lungs
Slowing your heartbeat to a soft drum,
Curling behind your tired eyes
As you exhale into subconscious skies
I would like to be
That unnoticed and that necessary
The staircase you descend
When reality and slumber blend
Waiting behind you as the doorknob turns
To unravel the library of your life-learns
I would like to be
The dust that fills the air
When you read aloud our lust affair
Elevating, pausing, then monotone again
The walls eager to learn how you felt when –
I would like to be
The interest in the sound of your voice
Read you like the book you hold
Touch the shape used to create your mold
Memorize your freckles and birthmarks
But until then,
I’ll lie here, beside you in the dark


© Magnified Reflections 2013
all rights reserved

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