Home Poetry Cartagena


by Stephanie Alfaia

She closed her eyes
And whispered –

I can already feel
The icy brew melting into my hand
Feel the grains of sand
Welcome my cheeks with soft kisses
The sun ecstatic, eclipses
Leaving the sea green with envy
As the almighty colors me gently…

The sea will leap forward hugging
The ground; glorious roaring sound
Anxious to engulf and surround
The girl with glittery brown eyes
Who salutes the vast skies
Tip toeing left before right
Teasing the ocean’s blue bite

And we’ll dance together,
You and me
Watching the caramel siren float in the sea
Reveling in her freedom
Plucking coconuts from Eden
Wishing we had the courage to follow,
Her journey chasing Poseidon and Apollo


© Magnified Reflections 2013
all rights reserved

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