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Tongue Tied Twisted – Lust

by Stephanie Alfaia

I remember darling
When you spoke to me in
When your accent resembled
Pacific waves.
The days we spent lost in a craze –
Our souls stained with blue ink,
As we scribbled not one
But three cities we would
Conquer –
Crossing high street,
Convinced fortune favors
The brave.

Redefining to redesigning
Ah, but do you know,
Where our love did go?
Because we keep
Paving over paradise,
Sweeping lust under
A runner rug.
Thinking ahead
Thinking instead
Of tomorrow’s little faces
With traces of you and I

What a beautiful mess this is
Collecting puzzle pieces,
Young relics to relish
Another day.
Our eyes meet the sky
And we catch ourselves
Wishing we could fly –
Into yesterday or tomorrow
Away from today’s
Impromptu goodbye

And we walk up to our gratitude café
And we say,
“Today is Yesterday for Tomorrow”
Over a kiss so swift
The tender remains amiss
Pouring our coffee ready to dismiss
But we hold still
In limbo
Daring not to move
Because this love riddle
Once solved,
Will uncork the Veuve


© Magnified Reflections 2013
all rights reserved

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