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Play With Me

by Stephanie Alfaia

Let’s play pretend
I’ll leave my bra behind
Tell you stories of
Yester-one time
And fill the air with certainty
That you and I will find
Ourselves crawling
Into your fantasies

A penny for your thoughts
Tell me a dark moment
Show me a side of you
No one sees
Tell me who
You’d rather be
As I unzip the
You’ve imagined on me

That’s what I like about you
I’ll name it mystery
While we toss and turn
I’ll call you babe and burn
In a night built on Astrology.
Tongue tied with vodka
But you let your eyes speak to
Pretending the world is you and I

Let’s play pretend
Lick my neck as you do
But first tell me,
Who would you like me to be?

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