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My Demon Daemon

by Stephanie Alfaia

My daemon visited me tonight.
It pulled my hair into darkness
Gripping its misericorde dagger
Drawing sharp lines on my skin
Lines that slowly became the image
Of his defined jaw glistening red

The daemon whispered
In its deep, husky, seducing voice –
Delicious and sour and sweet
And my body twisted,
It turned,
It coiled,
It curled into a question mark.

The daemon smiled
Sly and sardonic,
A crack in lips it barely has –
And bitter
Jack Daniels laced with cocaine
The taste that makes my hips
Sway forward into its thighs,
Backwards into the stars

I’ll pretend you did not
Press me against the wall
And whisper –
“I know you want it all.”
Darkness is a weak craving,
Scars left to raving
Crooked smiles my soul tore
But I enjoyed your teeth
Buried into my neck

Hush now,
Do not whisper sweet nothings
Do not carve your name on my chest
For I do not want to know it
As for my hair?
Grip it, hold it still–
For I dare not lie to you and say
“Never visit me again.”

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