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Tell Me You Do

by Stephanie Alfaia

I can still smell you
and the scent intoxicates
my veins until they bulge
until they explode with pleasure.
I can still feel your touch
and the hair on my thighs
rise and sing praise to your fingertips
while you brush past my soul.

Hear you?
Wouldn’t I wish to.
The sweet sound of your breath
muffled in between Lumineers;
an exhale… a moan, a moment
when the universe could spin
or stand completely still.
A second where you and I
blend into a sigh –
a fraction of an exchange
where all that you are
finds all of me
darling, do you feel it?

Bare bones ache
when showered in your humor.
Laughter kidnapping reason,
treason – when you’re trying to hold back!
And my face betrays me & I know that you see it
responding to the trace of your smile
to the happiness it emits
darling, tell me you feel it.

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