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On Hope and Love for a SEAL

by Stephanie Alfaia

I cried for you darling,
as I settled into my seat,
strapped my belt and awaited
I cried for you darling,
for the silence you exhaled,
when I pushed to be closer in
Tears, long tears for you darling,
when I thought of the sadness
your mysterious blue eyes reflected into mine
I cried, darling, in realizing you needed
hope more than my affection,
more than my lips grazing your broad
I cried and how I cried, darling.
Not in longing but in pity, in sorrow,
recalling your expressionless stare and reply:
“I am a ghost.”

And I will cry for you,
every day in which the sun refuses to shine.
I will cry for you,
when the wind shrieks and thunder screams.
I will cry for you,
when I hear rough unforgiving ocean waves.
I will cry for you,
until you see past a future in five years.

Until then darling,
I’ll sit and stare into this burning flame
sending you all of my hope and love.
Hope – so you may believe in more.
Hope, to survive today and welcome tomorrow.
And love – endless, succumbing love,
so that hope is fueled,
so that it becomes what drives you forward
What brings you home.
Love that will,
your smile
your feelings…
Darling, I love to hope
so you may feel whole.

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