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On Endings

by Stephanie Alfaia

Have now become days.
Poetry cannot define the
Anxiety of waiting.
Yes, darling we have been here before
I have watched the light screen flicker
Heard the buzz, the beep, the clicker
And felt my heart grow quiet
But hope dies last
And love refuses to pass

Fickle fingers prick flower petals
He loves me, he loves me not…
Lost in a drooping daze
Thoughts pulling my mind into a craze
Logic screams, reality beams
But a hopeless romantic never learns:
She’ll sit by the window
Big brown eyes searching
Dark skies for answers
But a full moon hides stars
Shining instead on her heart’s scars
Deep cuts that now read
Let him go

A climax you ask?
Indeed that is what I wait for –
Have waited for all these years.
That moment when the protagonist realizes
He cannot live through tomorrow
without having her today
I have learned to freeze my heart
So that it melts when you appear at my door
Eyes filled with apology
A groundbreaking smile
Love in one hand
Flowers in another
And a soul ready for more
But life isn’t a movie

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