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Lost in Someday

by Stephanie Alfaia

Someday we’ll be somewhere

Laughing without looking
Behind our shoulders,
Like star crossed lovers
Faith’s puppets, you and I. 
Someday you’ll have your arm
On my waist and you’ll 
Whisper sweet somethings 
in my left ear –
My favorite words.
Someday you’ll tell me
What you loved most 
About our darling Brida.
Someday we’ll waste some days
Taking turns sleeping 
On each other’s hearts.
And you’ll say, someday,
That the world cannot spin
Unless we breathe each other’s air.
You’ll say, someday
That you can no longer pretend 
Not to love the euphoria we share. 
And someday is certain, my dear.
For we may try to push away,
Shy and hide away…
But someday we will realize
That we cannot find what we felt
For each other, 
In the souls of others. 

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