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The Alternate Universe of Two Green Chairs

by Stephanie Alfaia
Maybe somewhere we are walking down a road, you and I.
Lost in innocent giggle, my heels in my right hand, my left hand in yours…
Perhaps we are lost in wonder and burn with desire, inhaling recollections of the night:
When our eyes met from across the room and the music was a beautiful tune.
When you made your way through the crowd and placed your hands on my waist.
When my world spun in loops as you twirled then held me in place.
When you were not afraid to look long and deep into my dark iris gloom.
They may have been watching but enamored, we ignored the room.
Maybe it’s dawn in somewhere, that parallel universe we share, you and I.
A place where the earth doesn’t spin and time is at our mercy.
Perhaps we come across a soulless park with two bright green chairs:
Where we sit and stare at passing cars, organized chaos – societal flaws
Where the air is still and cold yet our hopes and dreams spew warm bliss
Where you lean in closer and confess with that long awaited kiss
Where dawn surrounds us but the sun does not rise
Until we plan our escape abandoning all ties
With our hands locked as one,
Fearing the earth will begin to spin.
Our universe fading while reality sinks in.
This was not a sad maybe or a romance lullaby
But an endless eternity we have created, you and I.

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