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On Sungazing

by Stephanie Alfaia

And the mighty Sun said to the pensive dark brown eyes:
“Rise as I do,
Rise like the ocean tide that kisses land despite being pushed away.
Rise like a sunflower’s thirst for my rays.
Rise as clouds do when filled with the spirit.
Rise and soar as birds who are free to follow their chosen path.
Rise like towers, building block upon another – no fear of what they’ve left on ground.
Rise and keep your gaze firm on me, I will fill you with my energy.
I will nurture your soul in mine.
We will become one when you are lost in turmoil.
I will smile with you when you are found in lust.

I am but a mere sun,
A star in this infinite universe,
But in me lies an eternal fountain of hope.
Water from which I urge you to drink freely, darling.”

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