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Moonchild Man

by Stephanie Alfaia


Sometimes we are hippies groovin’ to Zeppelin
planning secret utopias over a glass of Maccallan
Sometimes we are pirates stealing sips of wine
before we corner & raid approaching island mines
Sometimes you are the sun & I am the moon,
drowning in star dust, tingling twilight swoon
Sometimes you are a priest & I am on my knees confessing:
submissive desires to succumb to your undressing
Sometimes we are cleansing our souls
in Maldive waves as the dose unrolls…
Sometimes we lose ourselves in each other’s eyes;
your fingertips gently & eagerly trailing my thighs –

And I listen:
Sometimes to the sound of your heart
as my face melts into your husky chest.
– to your unspoken words, a language I try to decipher at best.
– to the moans you breathe: sleeping, teeth clenching, finding peace.
– to your delicious whispers as your eyelashes flicker on my cheek.

“Sometimes we kiss like raindrops
clinging to panes of glass”
Sometimes we kiss like tornadoes
ripping through earth’s mass
Sometimes we make love
devoutly, wildly in tune
like predator and pray – devouring
like Romeo and Juliet – deflowering

And I wake
from these dreams
with your name on my lips –
like chilled Don Julio;
warm summer bliss

Moonchild man,
who gave you the map
to my curves?
*Inspired by Dean Felch’s Untitled Poem


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