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Grounded Curiosity

by Stephanie Alfaia

Secret garden dwindling 

Green, green, free…
Faeries, be gone before
I am lost.
Queen Mab, I revoke thy access
My dreams are mine.
Yellow flowers 
Hold long locks in place,
Keeping delicious fingertips
From pulling my hair 
Into the stars.
Grounded curiosity
(Should there be such a creature)
Became glittered eyes and a loss
For words –
Overcome, I follow
Leaving breadcrumbs along the way
If you search, you will find me
Sipping tea with trouble making rabbits
You will see my smile
You will hear my laughter
Ah, Monsieur do not try and understand 
Rabbits play and hop away
Mesmerizing, tantalizing 
“What is your intention?” 
The rabbit stops to say. 
But wide eyes leave me speechless. 

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