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On Inebriated Expression

by Stephanie Alfaia

Contemporary poetry 

is a great form of expression 
because it creates tunnels. 
Lines waiting to be read – 
in between. 
Moments that personification 
does not cover. 
Eyes that smile 
but cannot be described. 
But the smile I know, 
my own, 
is abundant. 
How does one bottle emotion? 
How can I share 
with the world 
what my center experienced. 
If you refer to children 
as the age in which 
our race is capable and comfortable 
with feeling both positive and negative emotions. 
Yes, as children we are present. 
We crave now. 
Years are eternity. 
For days are more than 24 hours. 
We don’t expect. 
We don’t wish for things our minds 
cannot describe. 
We live amid senses. 
What tastes delicious. 
What sounds beautiful. 
What looks bright. 
And when we touch, 
our finger tips dissolve. 
Because we believe.
I want to believe 
That society is irrelevant.
That being open will 
One day 
Be accepted 
That sharing your world is not
A weakness. 
That we are 
To be multi-dimensional. 
I am woman. 
I am weak.
I am strong.
I am daring.
I am scared.
I am curious.
I am sure.
I know. 
And I want to learn.
Will you teach me? 

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