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by Stephanie Alfaia
Hi All,
We oft find ourselves stuck in daily routine – filling our minds with steps, filling our hearts with goals, losing ourselves in dreams, unbothered by what is happening around us. People enter our lives bringing with them a chapter of lessons so we may add to our book of experiences. Caught in the future, we forget to love. We spend precious time on tomorrow, and waste sweet today reminscing on yesterday. We are embarrassed to utter ‘I love you’ and friendly hugs are nearly taboo. We rely on methods to bring us peace, when peace is within. We cry when the angel of death visits a loved one, when we’ve embodied the darkness, living emotion-free. Human life is brittle in its physical form, perishing before our eyes yet we are incapable of appreciation. We waste away unable to smile at the beauty in front of us: the present. Every second has meaning, every moment is memorable, every day is valuable. Happiness lies in the present, where sparks of anger and laughter cohabit. Where eyes meet and create an experience. Where hands touch emitting energy. Where love lives and thrives. One minute we are here and the next we could be gone. 
Become – better, grow – stronger, love – intensely, feel – fully, express – entirely. Love and be loved.

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