Home Poetry When Alice lingers over a cup of tea

When Alice lingers over a cup of tea

by Stephanie Alfaia

Uncharted territory

A maze that is the mind
It creates, it alludes, it imagines
It becomes floating images – 
Vibrant colors that alter reality
A space of freedom 
A room moved by senses
Tainting life’s black and white.
To breathe accelerated 
To hear liquid gold in place of
To feel every inch of prickled 
Invigorating touch
Dancing desire
Curious interest
Misunderstood intentions
I dare not read your mind –
Invasion is forbidden fruit
But I dare wonder,
What images crossed your eyes
When they dug deep
Into mine
…How childish of me
Alas, time is wasted
On meaningless written words
On overused expressions
On sharing too much
What made me feel so 

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