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When Vacationer Replayed

by Stephanie Alfaia

Have you ever been lost?
Captivated in a daze.
Purely elated
by a riveting moment…
by a pair of hazel eyes.
Empty thoughts,
a trail of words leading nowhere…
A trance.
Dreamlike clouded glow,
color-blind, save the green-brown
staring back at your dark irises.
Nothing & everything, matters.

Motionless bodies,
intertwined relaxation.
Blinking moments of silence.
You close your eyes,
and upon opening,
you find… peace.

Disorientated by a perfect smile.
Comfort, soothing comfort.
Minutes turn hours,
locked door,
and “Having It All” replays –
for the fourth time.
Inexplicable understanding,
imagined beaches and foreign lands.
The universe aligned itself,
with two synchronized breathing.
complete enchantment,
sealed, with an addicting kiss.

Sweet, delectable addiction
when Vacationer replayed.

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