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Grandma, I’ve Forgotten Your Voice

by Stephanie Alfaia
Faeries to which I’ve prayed,
“Away morbid feeling gray!”
Dark nights, fumbling for
The face that tunnels lit 
Soon numb smile, day. 
Be wary of wishes laid 
When the soul crawls in grave 
For trickster wings on Faeries flap,
Refuse to revoke what’s done.
Beg, cry, memories of no return.
Your laugh to nowhere falls,
Your voice I cannot recall, 
I imagine the face I knew well
The wrinkles that never touched 
young eyes, life taken abrupt.
Three months I was told,
Muffled ears, I was not sold.
She was lively, funny, tough,
Striding a proud vanity strut.
A path ahead left to unfold. 
My children’s lovely unseen faces
My husband’s proud smile, traces
The dress you haven’t picked
The degree you didn’t applaud 
My tears your pail skin laces.
Darkness give me back my vision!
Bring her to me, before mad driven!
I plead for one more day,
Forgive me, I begged for pain free
Give me my pain, if she is risen. 

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