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A sea hawk, a mouse, and the skies.

by Stephanie Alfaia

An osprey was flying over Alki beach, when it saw a mouse.
Shocked, he asked the mouse:
“Where are your wings?”

Language is unique to each species. Like humans scattered from the Tower of Babel, each animal speaks its own. So the mouse didn’t understand the question, but it stared at the strange, gigantic, things attached to the other creature’s body.

“He must have some illness,” thought the mouse.

The sea hawk noticed the small eyes staring at its wings and thought:
“Poor thing, she must have been attached by evil, leaving her deaf and wingless.”
Feeling sorry for the little thing, the osprey picked it up with its beak and took the mouse up into the skies.

“She’s certainly homesick,” the sea hawk thought while he majestically broke through clouds. Then, very carefully, he placed the mouse back onto the ground.

Months passed, and the mouse lived in sunken gloom. She had known the heights and seen what the world looked like: vast and beautiful. But in time, the mouse grew used to being a mouse again and came to believe that the miracle that had occurred in her life was nothing but a dream.

Darlings, remember – it is best to view mankind from high above. Only then can we see how very small we are. 

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