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48 Perfectly Imperfect Hours

by Stephanie Alfaia

Time, you wretched creature,

forever hanging over our heads.
Reminding us we are prisoners,
casting our hearts to the depths of Hades,
when we try and withstand your grip.
Stand back, I plead.
For I will not succumb to your ruling ways. 
The present is my home, the future sways,
I care not for the past,
Regardless of heartbreak and dismay.
How can you play with our souls?
Ticking and pressuring away.
You tell him he must choose, 
I tell him that I’ll wait.
Unforgiving morbid Time.
Laws of attraction, 
Dictate necessary time spent, 
understanding each other’s mind’s
to ensure we are god sent.
Oh darling, let my eyes say it all!
What is ten years to Love?
Something real, natural, fluid…
Perfection exists not, sir,
But your imperfections are perfect to me.
Yes, my love, I will wait. 
Time cannot mold, 
Time does not change, 
If your words be true as might,
Break the bond of Time, my love, 
and come live off that first sight. 

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