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by Stephanie Alfaia

In a world where history 

repeats itself, 

where streets are decorated 
with the past, 
arcs of ancient structure… 
with the future, 
technology still new to man… 
it leaves us only one option: 
live in the present. 
Your presence is a present 
to my present mindset, 
my evolving soul, 
and my joyful spirit.
You are a product of 
here and now, 
and your overflowing positive
energy fills my world 
through mere thoughts of you. 
In thinking of you, 
time and space are eternal 
and they are vivid. 
Interchanging, existing 
yet canceling each other. 
Nothing else matters 
but the clear details of your being. 
The words that 
I know you would say, 
the laughter you 
would glitter the air with. 
Unique and simple, 
kind and telling. 
You are important here. 
You are omnipresent. 
You are appreciated. 
You are loved. 

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