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The Journey and Her VIII

by Stephanie Alfaia

“When did you realize that?” – he asked.

Frozen, words were incapable of forming a response.
“Deep down, I always knew” – a proper explanation
But was it enough?
“Forget it, this can’t be happening” would have been appropriate
But why struggle?
‘All is fair in love and war’ replayed loudly, yet guilt,
Guilt was beginning to overpower.
Why you, why now, how, when… 
Questions that toiled to a single word: spark
Thirteen billion years ago there was a spark. A moment in time where a single point burst into the universe. Atoms met and danced together until they formed this round rock with a core of liquid iron. A planet was conceived, a moon was its sibling and the sun was in awe. Gravity was the product of the love between the sun and the moon. Creator in love with creation, a pull of give and take, all in honor of spark. Every galaxy spun in pure envy, while infinite stars filled the atmosphere, decorating darkness with light. The earth twirled around itself, dazzled in the sun-moon love giving birth to clouds. The universe chased its own tail at the speed of light. The moon reaching, in uni sync with earth, to kiss its beloved. And amid this frantic activity, humans emerged. We evolved, fully cognizant of our own demise, yet still we choose to reach out to one another. Thousands of years looking up at the skies hoping to one day feel that gravitational love. Millions of moments spent smiling at the sun and millions of eyes twinkling under the moon light. When did I realize? When a laugh sparked an extra beat deep in the cage my heart resides. The moment gravity elaborated a devious plan. Thoughts chased themselves as the earth does. Mental clouds, a storm in place of proper judgement. The second your existence surpassed mere entity to become necessity. When instinct conquered calculation, control, and fear. The heart began to run on autopilot, dictating the mind, training thoughts to solely relate the universe to you. A kind and friendly conversation, where “my dear” slipped out unnoticed, perhaps to you, yet the universe sparked to me. I realized when I suddenly wanted to hear those two grammatically simple words every day. Words the sun whispers to the moon: “Good morning, my dear.”

© 2014 Stephanie Alfaia Gomes All Rights Reserved

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