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Letters to the Future

by Stephanie Alfaia

To the man I will love unconditionally,

In a perfect world nothing else would matter, only my feet beside yours taking short yet meaningful strides, to where the ocean kisses land over and over again. Our lives would be filled with breaking dawns as we await the sun memorizing each other’s smiles. Days would pass each different from before; exploration and curiosity pulsating in our veins. And when the sun tires of tinting our skin, we will sit and watch it say good night to the horizon, hearts swelling with grace. No room for routine as each moment would be narrated uniquely. Stress would be a word belonging to a foreign language. Peace would be the wind that blows us to our next destination. All senses heightened, in tune, aligned with the stars that guide our instincts. We would be one. We would share every bitter moment and every moment of pure bliss. Life would not be easy but rather beautiful and fulfilling. Every night I lay and dream of my perfect world – one of spending the rest of my days with you, searching for the perfect shade of blue.

© 2014 Stephanie Alfaia Gomes All Rights Reserved

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