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On my way to Ithaca, I found Circe…

by Stephanie Alfaia

The battle has ceased as the best prevailed

The journey home, now a long far grail
I smile and think of your lovely face
Symbol of beauty in my mind’s space
Patiently you wait as I fought enemies
Darkness that overcame my serenity
Bleeding I succumb but the thought of you holds
My heart has strength to support ten-fold
Longing for love’s true gentle touch
My fingers wrap and rip evil to dust
I’ve won the battle I am ready to love
But on my way to Ithaca, I became a dove
As a dove I was swayed and played by the wind 
Winds the gods have bewitched for my sins
I battled to return home to beloved Ithaca
With overflowing joy, a safe peninsula
Short journey the gods made terribly long
With cyclops, Poseidon and sailors now gone
Dreams of Ithaca kissing away my woes
The masters of the world differently chose
They filled my journey with creatures of fear
Fear of the gold happy attachment spear
Ithaca I saw you closer than ever
But on my way to Ithaca, I met Circe
A magical island with a large dense wood
There within it a beautiful danger creature stood
Circe, they call her with the enchanted cup
I drank and became a swine so abrupt
Circe, temptation you are I am sold
But lust it was not no matter how told…

© 2014 Stephanie Alfaia Gomes All Rights Reserved

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