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The Ultimate Gift

by Stephanie Alfaia

Dark paintings, somber, hang on walls
Of a house described from its outside halls.
She lies and describes the house from within,
When in truth, locked out, they will never get in.
At bay she keeps all that near do try
To enter the house she carefully solidifies.

Paintings of stories willfully told
Of moments in life – nothing but cold.
Acrylic drying as walls are built
Aquarela colors hiding the guilt
Purple, brown, and yellows are mixed
Deepening tones, she tries to omit.

The wind blows aging the scene
Time passed, all left is routine
Paintings and walls were left untouched
Aged by time now impossible to trust.
She walks around the house in her dream
Imagining the day she’ll walk in and redeem.

A doorbell rings, someone awaits
No one answers the door, the girl negates.
Visitors pry and try to look through
Tired, unanswered, they all withdrew.
She watches afar – people come and go,
“No one is home!” She whispers through snow.

A merchant arrives with a story to sell
She prepares a canvas and acrylic pastels
Ready for another painting to hang
The merchant walks in – door closes, a bang
As quick as the others who follow the seasons
This merchant’s visit ends without reason

The house is empty yet walls are filled
With stories and moments of dreams spilled
She must hone her craft of painting, she thought
In order to keep what the visitors brought.
They come and go carrying a package
Love disguised to decorate and salvage.

Day and night she paints to perfect
Something to gain the visitors’ respect
She molds her gift until it’s no longer her
Who she sees in the wet, painted blur
Trying in vain she comes to conclude
“This house will be locked, only outside viewed.”

Then one day a bright star shined
As they do in stories told when we’re nine
A knock stronger than others before
Surprised, the girl comes out to explore
The ultimate gift poured at her feet
Nothing asked in return, save that feelings meet.

Confused she tries to hide away
Offers a painting to guide him astray
Refusing to leave, he brings out a hammer
Destroying a wall with a loud clamor
Thus she comes to realize
A house without walls is not idealized.

Without one wall the house does breathe
Mind, heart and soul calmly feel the breeze
Paintings look brighter as the sun shines in
Reflecting a different side of stories herein
No longer can she rebuild the wall
The five senses flooding, confusing waterfall

She need not try nor paint nor be
Just feel and allow, no worry, no guaranty.
Love blew through the walls, paintings hit the floor
The star smiles, he still waits at the door.
Embraced by sudden, love has not asked
For permission, but rudely it entered and passed

Questions without answers, merely two souls
What comes next, only the universe knows.
The star shines in the eyes of cerebral love
The most satisfying, yet lacking guidance thereof
No lessons are offered on how to behave
When mentally aligned with the gift the star gave.

Solace consoles feelings of frustration
Felt and experienced alignment and verification
Unfairly separated by time and space
Knowing that both exist on some energy place
Faith in the senses that she surely feels
What’s more romantic than love spinning future’s wheels?

A threefold hug between both souls and faith
As they pour their love and go separate ways
The star then asks that love be returned
“I cannot return what you’ve always adorned.”
Then be mine, says the star – filled with glee
“I’ve been yours, as far as I’ve been me.”

© 2014 Stephanie Alfaia Gomes All Rights Reserved

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