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Merchant of Changing Seasons

by Stephanie Alfaia

Concrete path, firm road engraved;

Now softens and melts, no longer paved.
To follow that direction nowhere leading,
Vulnerable, lost, this road is misleading.
The season changed, green, red, yellow, gone…
I watched and wondered, what happens hereon?
Leaves grip to branches, for that is all they know.
The wind blows, the rain tears, and soon comes snow.
Once vibrant green, alive, strong hope,
Soon red with anger, wind they cannot cope.
Then yellow with bitter sadness so sweet.
A leaf’s last attempt before touching my feet.
Nature, nature, connected and flawed!
Teaching small children the world’s a natural fraud.
Sit and watch as the universe speaks: 
“Trust is a fallacy, watch the leaves for weeks.”
Watch as a leaf’s death is deemed beauty,
It writhes under climate, submission is but its duty.
I stumble and trip and continue on
Learning from nature, love’s pros and cons.
One cannot fight the changing seasons.
One cannot ask nature for reason.
One cannot question why you’ve changed.
Cannot say the seasons made you estranged.

We are all but puppets in this world she’s built,
Swaying and dancing for a wind with no guilt.
Enthralled by selfish Mother Nature’s game
Of “come and go” ever changing flame.
She pours love in hearts through sun’s warm glow,
Then lets night bring insecurity, leaving hearts in a low.

Yet blame Mother Nature not!
For it is humans that follow and choose to rot.
Seasons do change, that we all know,
But the change in your heart is your own woe.
Lost you are who walks unsure
Of how you feel and scared of amour.

The snow will melt when clouds do tear,
Bringing along that awful fear.
Merchant, merchant of changing seasons,
Here I am asking for reasons.
The need to feel the ice melt within,
The fear of letting warmth win.

Merchant, you are now cold as snow,
My touch is avoided, oh, wretched beau!
You thaw and slip right through my fingers,
And I wonder how these feelings still linger…

Oh, deceiving merchant I’ve met!
Told me you’re honest: “Please, do not fret.”
“I am true unlike others, you must believe.”
Words you sold for a profit achieve.
You walk through the seasons taking what you may
Allowing me to fall as a leaf does when it’s gray.

Be gone if you must for I cannot bare.
Must save my heart for I have not a spare.
Stop now before it’s too late,
I am turning yellow, death soon awaits.
This heart has died once too many,
Soon no strength to love any.

© 2013 Stephanie Alfaia Gomes All Rights Reserved

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