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On Poem: In Front of the Moon, I Cry

by Stephanie Alfaia

The brilliance of the moonlight
Shines upon your face.
Tears glisten on your cheeks,
And disappear without a trace.
There’s feeling of loneliness,
Overpowering your body,
Colored solitude seem like a dream,
Yet couldn’t be closer to reality.
The moon shines alone,
A light amid darkness,
No stars in sight tonight,
The moon enlightens your conscience.
Nature seems empty,
Sensation is crossed,
This is all false,
For it is you who is lost.
There’s dwell on lack of control,
Life seems an uncomfortable blur,
You ponder, wonder and stare,
And suffocate words in a slur.

Minutes become hours,
Hours turn into day,
You soon come to realize,
You’ve spent a whole night this way.
The sun now greets darkness,
Unravels the dark covers,
Dumbfounded you smile,
For with night, goes lovers.
Rays of gold match your twinkle,
Tiredness is a far memory,
Did life feel that confusing,
Or was night cold emery?
You slowly come to stand,
The trance is now gone,
Life is as it was,
No room for sadness in dawn.
Scars go from night to day,
They heal under the sun’s power,
You may cry again tomorrow,
But today, go pick a flower…

© 2013 Stephanie Alfaia Gomes All Rights Reserved

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