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On Answers…

by Stephanie Alfaia


Simple answers. 
Simple questions.
Complicated questions.
Long and complicated answers.
Short and powerful responses.
Questions I cannot utter.
Answers you don’t want to say.
Questions I don’t want to ask.
Answers I need to know.
Questions you don’t want to hear.

All is silent.

Your silence says nothing.
Your silence says it all.
Do I truly want answers?
Troubling, terrifying answers that may justify.
Words that must be spoken.

You don’t want to speak.
I don’t want to speak.
Must know.
Better left unsaid.
No. Must know.
Speak, now. 
Speak, why?

Mixed signals.
I misinterpret.
You didn’t mean it.
You did it.
You said it.
You acted.
I reacted.
We reacted.
Suddenly, end of story.

I will never ask.
I will never know.
You will move on.
I will remain here, wondering.

Broken fragments run through my head,
Bits of images, pieces of memories, 
Blatant words that echo in my psyche.
Bewitchery actions that confuse, 
Bulletproof persona – shattered.

© 2013 Stephanie Alfaia Gomes All Rights Reserved

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